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Dr. Moira Qetz
Name: Moira "Mary" Qetz.
Race: Terran.(Earthborn)
Home Planet: Terra.(Earth)
Age: 31. Terran Standard Years.
Height: 1,73 Meters.
Deputy Director of The Ascension Project.(Former)
Dr. Qetz.
Terra's 3rd most wanted.
Debuty Director of the Acsension Project.(Former)
Fugitive from the MMA.(Ministry of Military Affairs)
Basic Firearms training.
PhDs in the fields of Genetics and Biochemistry.
Basic Laser Pistol.
Sealed Datapad Containing Information about The Ascension Project.
Character Description:
the daughter of Dr. Sylas Qetz, Moira Graduated with highest honors
at the end of Collage, then joined her Father and gained her Doctorates
under his Tutelage, and was l
:iconnoxious91:Noxious91 1 0
Ishe'Thal Racial Sheet
Race Name: Ishe'Thal.
Average Height:
1,8 Meters. (For Women)
1,9 Meters. (For Men)
Lifespan: Immortal.
Ishe'Thal are tall Slender yet Muscular in build, their skin comes
in a variaty of colors and shades, From dark tan, to all shades
from light-gray to near Black. and their eyes while most are a
glowing Pale Blue can be other colors, though Purple and green are
extremely rare, hair colors are also varied but mostly dark colors.
Racial Traits:
Ishe'Thal dispite their long history of War and Conflict are very
friendly and hospitable, though if you betray their trust they will
not show mercy, and though their culture is very militaristic it's
never overly intimidating, and dispite their great Magical Power
that is Second only to the Dhrak'tha the Ishe'Thal never use it as a
Crutch in their everyday lives, but as a Tool for greater ends.
:iconnoxious91:Noxious91 1 0
Ashe Tenebris
Name: Ashe Tenebris.
Race: Ishe'Thal.(Dark Elves)
Age: Immortal, 2000+ Years Old.
Height: 1,8 Meters.
Queen of The Ishe'Thal.
The Dark Lady.
Immense Magical Powers.
Accomplished Swords(wo)man.
Absolute Mastery of Dark Magic.
Master Strategist and Tactician.
Character Description:
Queen Ashe ascended to The Isha'Thal Throne after a Civil War that had
lasted Centuries, since being the last suviving familly member of the Former
King. now nearly 500 years later The Ishe'Thal under her rule have become
a nation to Rival Dhrak'Tha, in both Military and Political might, she was
known throughout the World for both her Beauty, and her Cruelty, the latter
a lingering product of the long centuries fighting in the War, dispite this
she was also fair in her judgements and her people lived in prosperity.
:iconnoxious91:Noxious91 1 0


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